Thursday, April 28, 2011

Junior Masterchef Australia...Isabella..The Winner...

I memang kagum giler ngan kebolehan kanak2 ni memasak...setanding chef2 terkemuka...
kagum sgt sebab diorang kreatif...
memang x pernah miss tgok Junior Masterchef ni....korang mesti ada yang layan jugak kan?

 Pemenangnya Isabella....
memang dia layak menang sebab dia sangat cool..xde nak meninggi diri macam si Jack...selain berbakat
Izzy sgt yakin dalam setiap presentation yang diberikan..the best part bila sesi penghakiman..dia sangat bijak menjawab soalan hakim...

The twelve-year-old Queenslander Isabella has won the first series of Ten's Junior MasterChef Australia, edging out Jack in a closely contested final.
Isabella was awarded a $15,000 trust fund for her performance in the final, which included a scampi and scallop main dish served with garlic custard. She described the win as "the biggest dream I've ever had", adding that she felt "amazing" when she heard the winner's announcement.
As the runner-up on the programme, Jack won a $10,000 trust fund.
Isabella scored 97 points out of 100 in the final challenge, ahead of Jack on 94. But the judges' scoring during the final provoked some raised eyebrows among viewers: Jack was awarded 53 out of 50 for his dessert, with George Calombaris, Shannon Bennett and Matt Preston all giving his "pear perfection" dish eleven out of ten.
On her way to the final, Isabella also came in ahead of her twin sister Sofia, who was awarded $5,000 for reaching the top four along with Siena.
"The biggest dream I've ever had has come true, and to think I had my sister there with me, it feels like I won for both of us," Isabella said.
"Jack and I knew it was going to be a tough race, but I felt confident as I knew I had Sofia and the rest of my family waiting there for me and supporting me.
"It was also fun knowing that I was competing against a friend in Jack, who I have always admired cause of his creativity with food."

Junior MasterChef will return for a second series next year, the network has confirmed

sumber gambar dan berita dari Google.

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