Friday, April 29, 2011

Perkahwinan Di Raja..William & Kate

World watches as William weds Kate
The world will watch in fascination as Prince William marries Kate Middleton in a ceremony combining royal pomp and tender romance.

Months of meticulous preparations will come to fruition when the couple say their vows in Westminster Abbey in front of 1,900 guests and a global television audience of two billion.
Forecasters' warnings of rain showers over central London failed to dampen the mounting excitement about the long-awaited royal wedding.

Scores of well-wishers have been camped outside the ancient gothic church for days to get the best spot for the first full view of the bride's dress when she steps out of the Rolls-Royce carrying her to the service.
Miss Middleton, 29, will walk up the aisle on her father's arm as a commoner. Just over an hour later she will leave, with her new husband by her side, as an HRH, a Princess and a future Queen.

Invited guests include David and Victoria Beckham, Sir Elton John and Guy Ritchie and Prime Minister David Cameron. A host of politicians, clergy, military chiefs, ambassadors and more than 45 foreign royals will begin filling the abbey from 8.15am. There too will be William's proud grandparents the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, his father the Prince of Wales and stepmother the Duchess of Cornwall, joined by some 40 members of the British royal family, as well as close friends and confidantes of the couple.
William, 28, and his brother Prince Harry, 26, who is his best man, will arrive at the historic 1,000-year-old church at 10.15am. By then the second-in-line to the throne may have been given a new title by the Queen, in a traditional gesture, to mark his wedding.

The groom, an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot, will be dressed in red, wearing the famous scarlet tunic of an Irish Guards officer, rather than an Air Force uniform.
The world will hope to get the first glimpse of Kate's dress, which has been kept a closely-guarded secret, when she leaves for the abbey exactly nine minutes before the service starts at 11am. However, they may have to wait, as the hotel has erected screens to ensure no-one catches a glimpse before she arrives at the abbey.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, is marrying the couple, the Bishop of London, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres, will give the address, and the Dean of Westminster, the Very Rev Dr John Hall, is conducting the service

Disaat dua billion penduduk dunia menyaksikan majlis perkahwinan Putera William dan Kate Middleton hari ni..Segala pergerakan yang membabitkan majlis itu diperhatikan setiap saat.

Hari perkahwinan ini di isytiharkan sebagai cuti umum rasmi di Britain..


  1. seronoknya sapa ada astro , bolehlah tengok . mesti cantikkan baju dia.

  2. hi happy christmas to all of you - matty mays

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