Thursday, November 2, 2017

How To Become A Fashion Blogger

Hey Ladies!!!!!

Nowadays everyone feels the blog is an area of ​​choice. Many want to share a variety of info about beauty, kinship, personal life and so on. But you need to know the power of a blog is through a niche.
You need to be wise to choose a niche that suits your character so you are not bound to the topic you will share with your blog's followers.The style of writing that follows your soul is your strength. Readers or followers of your blog will definitely want to read in comfort and not too formal.

Lets see what you need to do to get started as a fashion blogger, for your knowledge blogger fashion is the easiest niche in the world of blogging because info on fashion has a high reader so far.You are free to share info on makeup, fashion, handbag, shoes and so on that are related to the beauty world.

Some of you may realized that some Instagrammers are well-known fashion bloggers and you wonder how did they become successful. Well, you might not know but starting a fashion blog is not easy as it looks. It requires patience and perseverance for a few years to eventually get noticed by the fashion world. Building up contacts during events and getting to know the influencers are a part of the fun. So before we achieve that level, let’s check out how you can turn yourself into a fashion blogger and work your way up from there.

1. Set Up A Blog

First and foremost, set up a blog with a nice design and play with attractive visuals. Everyone would be attracted to visit your blog when it looks clean and professionally designed. There are many templates available where you can choose from and customize it according to your style. If you have some extra cash to spend, purchase a pre-prepared coding template to ease your way. 

2. Write, write, and write!

Of course, you will have to write on various fashion related articles from fashion shows, the runway, the latest trends, OOTD’s and recommendations. When you are starting out, you have to review a lot of stuffs for free of charge. It does not matter whether you get invited to an event or not because as time passes, people will recognize your work and start noticing you. 

3. Keep up-to-date

Know your stuff! When you know what you are talking about, you will gain more readers. Be professional but importantly be your own self! Readers love to read an honest opinion about a certain matter because it shows to them that you are real. 

4. Youtube

Have you heard about someone named Chriselle Lim? She started sharing her fashion tips and looks by sharing a video on youtube. This allows more live visual for readers to understand how good you put a piece together. So show your stylist talent and watch the feedback you get. 

Many youtubers or influencers are sharing about makeup tutorials on youtube. They get the attention of many young people who are just learning makeup techniques. From this tutorial video you get better but you just have to dare to deal with the camera and be friendly.

Review through youtube video is trending now. Everyone especially fashion blogger choose youtube as an easy way to get to know. The key and the most important is you must have INTEREST & PASSION..All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue what we can do.We shouldn't treat it as a job but we treat as a hobby. 

What are you waiting for.. lets make a history of your life as a blogger especially Fashion Blogger.
Lets enjoy blogging and be creative....and for your info...from blogging you can earn extra money too...we are happy when we are rewarded from our hardwork.

Trust me...blogging world is AWESOME!!!!!


  1. Kena celik video lepas ni kak. Dan kena kreatif nak attract org tgk video kita kan

  2. selain minat, ilmu yg mendalam ttg selok belok dunia fesyen jg perlu ada...bkn main hentam je kan...

  3. part write write write tu kekadang sangkot.. CT memang mood entah kemana2 kalo time malas. hehehe..

  4. Ootd ootd ootd part of y people followed fashion blogger..jom ootd kak sa..hihi

  5. I believe to be a good fashion blogger, it is a must for them to be up-do-date with new trend.

    Doesnt mean that they need to wear a pricey or overprice things, as long as they wear a good looking and trendy one, it is good enough.

    Content also crucial. Instagram is good platform to promote content related to fashion niche

  6. fashion kita pon kena selalu up to date.. yg bertudung dengan fashion hijabistanya... yg free hair pon rambut kena cantik bersinar selalu.. yang penting sentiasa wangi.. hehehe

  7. To be a fashion blogger, not only the content but the person herself/himself must be a fashionista at the first place .... fashionista is not a person who wear only the branded clothes, but someone who is always keep trendy and stylish with or without the branded clothes ....

  8. Blogging is awesome tapi ai yang tak awesome.. tak dan nak jenguk dekat sini.. :(

  9. Blogging ni sebenarnya cara kinah isi masa lapang. Sebagai suri rumah sepenuh masa sometime kena la ada perkara yang perlu dibuat bila keje rumah dah siap. Nice sharing kak SA

  10. Kalau lama tak memblog ada kalanya mmg rindu . Padahal entri merapu je pun hihi...

  11. Good sharing SA.. betul tu, yang penting minat dan semangat kita dalam apa pun yang kita buat kan SA..


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