Wednesday, April 14, 2010



kali ni direction dia senang skit..

- Bold the statement are true to you

- ITALICIZE the statements that you WISH were true.

- Leave the fibs alone.

-then, tag 6 people to do the same test.

  • 170 cm Tall

  • I dont know what i want at he moment.

  • i'm not happy

  • i hate my life

  • i hate my grades

  • i can drive

  • i'm bored of driving

  • i love dancing

  • i go clubbing every week

  • Shopping is bullshit

  • i have a tatoo of the star

  • i got my navel pierced

  • i have friends that take drugs

  • 90% of my friend smoke

  • i still hang out with my ex, even though our break up rather nasty.

  • i'm studying fashion

  • i have a bussiness running

  • i hate cartoons

  • i hate someone

  • i have 10 lolipops handbags

  • i buy CLEO every month

  • My parents dont know about my blog.

  • i have an iPod

  • i dont have faith in the current "one"

  • My school mate knows about my FB

  • I wanted to be a fashion designer

  • i love rock emo bands

  • i hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups.

  • my parents have faith in me

  • i've bought shoes this month

  • a blogger bitched about me before

  • i hate sports

  • i heart italian food

  • i have meeting new people

  • i hate nail polish

  • the mother bear gives me hug

  • People should start appreciating me

  • high school was the worst time of my life

  • i have red hair :p

  • One utama is my second home

  • i'm a guy

  • im scared of my biology result exam which im going to face someday tomorrow

  • i hate vacations

  • we'll last

  • i believe in long distance relationships.

  • i'm going to het high and smoke weed one day soon

  • i've robbed one old lady

  • i'm starting to like applying make-up

  • i was a tomboy

  • at times i think i still am a tomboy

  • i love bitching about people behind their backs

  • i still have a best friend

  • i have a cat

  • i hate surprise parties

  • i hate planning parties

  • i'm hot ( hot ke??hahaha sukati la kan?)

  • i'm a sinner

  • i've got a DS light

  • i have wii

  • i cant live without music

  • video games are waste of time

  • i miss the father bear

  • i love being in love

  • i know how to cook

  • boys are assholes

  • i hate math

  • i'm happy with what i have

  • i love horror film

  • i slept in my parents rooms for 3 days after watching Scream when i was a kid

  • My old friends keep in touch with me

  • i dont read newspaper

  • the news is such a waste of a time

  • i hate animals

  • i cant live without make ups

  • i curse like a pirate

  • im happy with my 11 years old car

  • i hate people that are smart

  • i love orange juice

  • i cant drink for nuts

  • i believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity.

  • i've got a new phone

  • i havent worked out since March

  • i think i'm fat.

  • i love my friends and family so much....

fuhhh...berpeluh ketiak buat tag sapa2 yang sudi nak settlekan tag ni sila la eh..especially nak tag mamat ni..

yang lain2 sila lah yer..hehehe...selamat menjawab tag.



  1. fuh...suria siap mentioned nama penuh shu... terbaik wok!!! hehe..nyway..thanks..

  2. meniti senja
    - u mkn pengat u sendiri ingat lor..

    -hehehe...kelasss kan?

  3. but.. ade correction la.. SHUHADAH instead of SHUHAIDAH...hehehe...bur its ok..:)

  4. You think you fat.sorry akak tak dengarlah .ye ke, akak tengok ko kurus je.

  5. ish akak nih..tgok la betul2 gumuksss...

  6. i'm hot.....tak bole blah btul statement!!!! sengal..

  7. neena pun dah dpt tag nie... tapi tak sempat nak buat lagi... hehehe..


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