Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tips To Make Your Boss Love You...


National Boss Day may have been a few days ago, but that won’t stop me from listing down what it takes to get in your Boss’ good books.

If you’re thinking how the boss’ least favourite person in the office can even write about winning his affections, here’s the thing, you’ve got nothing to worry about as I’ve taken these tips from a professional teacher’s pet.

Hence, it’s a sure win in making sure your boss will never make your life a living hell.

Follow the Leader

Human beings are inclined to like people who are like them. Remember the phrase, birds of a feather flock together? It’s exactly the same science as to why pretty girls are friends with pretty girls.

Your boss isn’t a pretty girl, but he is human. Since first impressions count and this is after all a fashion and style column, you might want to consider dressing like him. If your boss wears polo shirts and you decide to wear a couture dress, no wonder he hates you. You’re practically making it look like he’s working for you! So here’s a tip, go load up on some polo shirts like his (maybe in your size). And if he pops his collar, you pop your collar, girl.

Note: When it comes to lady bosses, remember, never ever out dress her and always make sure your hemlines are never shorter than hers.

Style aside, similar interests will make people fond of you. Your boss gets along with the boys on the team because they share the same interest in sports, for instance. He doesn’t get along with the girl who enjoys shopping for new handbags. So if you want to get in his good books, find a common ground. Maybe learn about football.

Do your homework: Make sure you don’t look like his ex-wife!

Good work and excellent results guarantees your safety from the boss’ wrath but it takes more than that to make sure he doesn’t make your life hell. Trust me on this. So do your homework. Check out his past and make sure you don’t resemble a negative influence in your boss’ life. Negative influence here may refer to his old Add Math teacher who made him fail the subject continuously or the hot girl in his school who used to laugh at him for even thinking he has a chance with her. We can’t control who we look like, but if we know at least we can limit the similarity in looks.

Do not over share

Sure, casual office conversations can make work slightly less boring. But over sharing your life issues can make your boss want to kill you. Since murder is an offence by virtue of the Malaysian Penal Code, he won’t be able to kill you but he will make your working life miserable. So point is, don’t ever gush about how sexy your Mat Salleh boyfriend’s British accent is to your boss.

Good Luck....



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