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Play-Doh Malaysia Unveils Malaysian-Inspired Food Sculptures To Celebrate Malaysia Day And World Play-Doh Day

Play-Doh Malaysia’s first Doh-Bassador of Creativity showcases her talent through a series of Malaysian-inspired delicacies.

Play-Doh Malaysia has scouted their first Doh-Bassador of Creativity through its inaugural contest, organised by Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd last month. The winner, Eunice Foong Yin Tong, 9 years old, had the opportunity to work with Michelle Lim (Instagram: @foodmakesfun), a food artist to create a series of Malaysian-inspired Play-Doh sculptures to celebrate both Malaysia Day and World Play-Doh Day!

Michelle Lim, food artist and Play-Doh Malaysia’s first Doh-Bassador of Creativity, Eunice Foong posing with their Malaysian-inspired Play-Doh Food sculptures. Play-Doh Malaysia embarked on a nationwide search to find Malaysia’s most creative child

Both Malaysia Day and World Play-Doh Day fall on 16 September 2017, and this year Play-Doh Malaysia celebrated it in a special way by unveiling a series of Malaysian-inspired food made with Play-Doh compound. 

“I am so happy to be selected as the winner and receiving so many Play-Doh products! I have always wanted to own more Play-Doh products and now I have fulfilled my wish to do my version of “masak-masak” and more at home! It is fun and challenging! ” said Eunice.

Eunice and Michelle working closely to create one of the famous Malaysian cuisines - Nasi lemak using Play-Doh compound. 

With Michelle’s guidance and help, Eunice and she have sculpted a series of Malaysian-favourite foods, including Nasi lemak, Satay, Roti canai, Dim sum, and Ice kacang. In addition, Michelle Lim, a talented mother with two young kids, has been showcasing her food-creation talents with Play-Doh on her Instagram; showing how Play-Doh encourages creativity and “Open-ing A Can of Imagination”.  

Play-Doh Malaysia’s first Doh-Bassador of Creativity, Eunice Foong Yin Tong with her prize, RM1,000 worth of Play-Doh products.

Kelly Yip, Brand Manager of Hasbro Toy (Malaysia), Eunice Foong, winner of Play-Doh Malaysia’s Doh-Bassador of Creativity Contest, and Michelle Lim, food artist after presenting their Malaysian-inspired food made with Play-Doh compound.
(Ice kacang, roti canai, dim sum, nasi lemak, satay) 

Kelly Yip, Brand Manager for Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) said, “Play-Doh is known as a teaching tool to promote the development of children’s motor skills, communication skills, and sensory experience and creativity. When you open a can of Play-Doh compound, it inspires endless possibilities and we encourage parents to cultivate their children’s creative minds, and spend more quality time with them while exploring different ideas. With World Play-Doh Day and Malaysia Day falling on 16 September, it is only right to create a series of food that carries the Malaysian identity with Play-Doh. This campaign has attracted a lot of good entries and selecting the winner was not easy. What gave Eunice the edge was her creativity and how she interpreted her creation. We are happy to have Michelle and Eunice on board with Play-Doh to celebrate this year’s World Play-Doh in a Malaysian way.”

Nasi Lemak, one of the Malaysian inspired sculptures by Eunice, Play-Doh Malaysia’s first Doh-Bassador of Creativity, sculpted with the help of food artist Michelle Lim

Play-Doh made Malaysian cuisine, ice kacang - One of the ideal desserts to chill your days in our all-year-long summer weather in Malaysia

Rina, Editor of The Malaysian Women’s Weekly said, “We are pleased to support this campaign as a media partner. As parents, it is important to foster children’s creativity, and also to encourage them to participate in arts. We want to share this with our readers, and The Malaysian Women’s Weekly has always been about delivering the message to parents on the importance of cultivating and nurturing a healthy and creative mind. We were very impressed after witnessing the sculptures that came from the hands and minds of Eunice and Michelle.” 

How about having some satay during your catch-up session with your friends? With Michelle’s guidance, Eunice has managed to create her very first satay dish using Play-Doh compound!

“Whenever I’m having it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, or dinner - having dim sum is always an occasion with my family and loved ones,” said food artist Michelle Lim.

With humble beginnings as wallpaper cleaner, the Play-Doh brand has come a long way. Starting off with only four colours of red, blue, yellow and white when they started, the modelling compound brand is now available in more than 50 colours! More than three billion cans of Play-Doh compound have been squished and squashed since 1956. Following Play-Doh’s 60th Anniversary last year, the Play-Doh brand continues to encourage creative, hands-on play with its various playsets such as Kitchen Creations, Food Role Play, Shape and Learn and the brand new digital playset Play-Doh Touch.

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