Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Equinox Phenomenon Will Affect Malaysia In 5 Days

Dear all,

Due to the Equinox phenomenon that will affect Malaysia in the next 5days. Pls stay indoors especially from 12pm-3pm daily. The temperature will fluctuate till 40 degrees Celsius. This can easily cause dehydration and sun stroke. (Ps: this phenomena is due to the sun directly positioned above the equator line. )

Please keep everyone inclusive of yourself hydrated. Everyone should be consuming about 3 litres of fluid everyday. Monitor everyone's blood pressure as frequent as possible. Many may get heat stroke.
Cold showers as frequent as possible. Reduce meat increase fruits & veg.

Heat wave is no joke! Place a new unused candle outside home area or exposed area. If candle can melt, its in dangerous level.

Always place a pail or 2 water half filled in living room & each in every room to keep moist temperature down.

Its first experience in Malaysia..Heat stroke has no indicative symptoms. Once fainted, its seriously dangerous as organ failure kicks in.
Always check lips, eye balls moisture.

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  1. panas sangat..jalan sedikit pun basah baju ;)

  2. salam perkenalan sis.... good info... tq...

  3. kita tak risau sangat..risau kat anak2 jer..huhuhu


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