Monday, September 9, 2013

Sophie Love Me Perfume & Sophie Bodycare With Love

Open for order....

anyone interested??
murah2 je u for order...lai..lai....sape yang interested tu boleh sms/whatsaap aku kat 0123319641..

Sophie Love Me Perfume RM15.00 (Semenanjung) Postage RM6
 RM 16.50 (Sabah Sarawak ) Postage RM10

Sophie Bodycare With Love Set RM45.00 (Semenanjung) Postage RM8
RM49.50 (Sabah Sarawak) Postage RM12

Postage ikut berat barangan ye u olls, please allowed 3 days process order..
hurry up while stock last..
meh sapa2 yang nak join order dan post minggu ni....


Heyy Gojes..Any Comment????
Comment Yang Elok- Elok Aje Ye......

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