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7 Bad Exercising Habits You Should Stop ASAP!!!

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As with any other thing in life, a bad habit or two might arise in your daily exercise activities.

While exercising is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, doing it wrongly might be causing you to injure your body. In fact, bad exercising habits might even be the reason you’re not shedding those pounds even though you’re hitting the gym everyday!

Below are seven of the most common fitness blunders that could be keeping you from getting the best out of your workout and exercise regimes.

1. Being A Slave To Numbers

If you’re one who always keeps track of your heartbeat or constantly get on the weighing scale, you’re honestly just taking the fun of working out. Instead of all those, focus on the fact that exercising is done for its health and wellness benefits.

2. Making Up Excuses

Stop dodging gym dates because you’re ‘just not feeling it’. Remember, exercising should be a routine. If you’re caught in an exercising slump, find some ways to motivate yourself to get back on track.

3. Never Taking A Break

Truth is, never taking a break is as bad as making up excuses. If you’re tired all the time and feel achy and sore, you may not be allowing your body enough time to heal between workouts – which can actually age your body.

4. Too Much Cardio

While cardio is important, it is not enough to build up muscle tone. Try to incorporate weight and strength training into your routine — since muscle burns calories even when you’re resting, more muscles would mean that more calories are burned throughout the day.

5. Lack Of Variety

When you do the same exercise over and over again, your body and muscles get familiar to the motions. And when that happens, said exercise routine would become easier and your body only uses half the energy to complete this task.

6. You Rush Into Things

For those times that you’re pressed for time and exercise intensely from zero to 60 – stop. When you straightaway jump into an aggressive routine, you’re actually wrecking havoc onto your system and might even bring forth inflammatory problems.

7. Taking Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are full of sugar and calories. Skip the 100 Plus, Gatorade and just go for good ol’ water in any given workout to keep you hydrated and fueled.

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  1. ha ok.. this is great info for me to know even though im not often get exercise for myself LoL!

  2. SA masalahnya memang jarang exercise ponnnnn....

  3. kalau time berdiet or selalu exercise compom asyik la duk menimbang je kejenye....lepas tu sakit ati bila jarumnye x gerak2

  4. this is a good tips...ade a few gak benda yang saya buat during exercise walaupun tak selalu..hehehe



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