Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How To Be Even More Attractive Than You Already Are..

Is it even possible? Yes my friend, you are awesome!

All of us are born special, you may or may not see it but there's always something about you that makes you lovable. Even so, for you to be attractive or just generally likeable, you must realise that you need to first and foremost love and respect yourself.

It's an innate feeling that we desire to be loved, respected and viewed in a positive light. We thrive on human interactions as it helps us to grow and develop a good sense of wellbeing, self-esteem and happiness.

But it is rather impossible to "make" everyone like you, there are factors like personality clashes and opposing ideas between individuals. And even if you could make others take to you, there's a big chance that you will lose yourself in the process. Being a people pleaser could eventually backfire and alienate the very people you hope to charm.

For you to be pleasingly attractive, first see yourself in a positive light. Embrace your unique qualities, needs, ideas, values and most importantly, personality. Self-love, self-confidence and not to mention being "real" are the foundations of attractiveness. When you realised this, here are some tips to make yourself even more attractive than you already are:

Live true to yourself – Define your own beliefs, values and interest rather than following the crowd. Stay true to your own reality.

Let go of the need for validation – Yes, we need reassurance from time to time but don't be motivated by the opinion or approval of others. Be driven by what's important to you and what you value.

Be open to new experiences – Discover what you truly enjoy or find exciting and take pleasure in getting to know yourself.

Accept others and lose the criticism – Be less critical of others and let go of judgments. Instead of looking at their faults, focus on their strengths and learn to deal with difficult people.

Show you care – Actions as they say speak louder than words. Don't just talk about it but show them in meaningful ways.

Really be there – Let people know that you really value them. Go beyond just listening and understanding, be attentive and share.

Let go – Don't hold onto grudges or resentments. Restore your integrity and forgive or ask for forgiveness where necessary. Only want the positive in your life.

Speak constructively – When you speak, use words that are meant to inspire, uplift, motivate and encourage. Avoid criticism and do not be consume by anger. This also means don't whine or complain.

Laugh always – Keep humour alive and have a lightness about you. Don't take life too seriously and choose to see the funny side.

No gossiping – Make a conscious decision to not indulge in damaging talk about others. Keep from sharing information to feel powerful or needed.

Don't compromise self – Know fully what is important and valuable to you in all of your relationships. Never lose sight and never compromise on yourself to keep the status quo or just hang on.

Say what you mean – Be real. Say yes only when your 'yes' comes with no expectation or ulterior motives. If your 'yes' actually means 'no', your actions will be bound with resentment.

See with your heart – Look beyond the surface, go pass the superficiality, financial status, positions, etc and see the person for who they are. It's the inside that counts!

Be confident – Recognise your strengths but be confident enough to acknowledge your flaws and failures. Accept that they don't define you! Stay humble and laugh at yourself.

Be open to learning – Know that there is always something to learn, even from those unsuspecting strangers. Don't feel the need to be superior or flaunt your intelligence.

Challenge yourself – Keep moving forward and exude enthusiasm about the endless possibilities that life has to offer. Choose to better yourself whenever a chance presents itself.

Embrace the now – Live in the moment and realise that nothing is more valuable than this moment. Make the best out of every day! When you can see the beauty of the day, it will show on your face.

Accept yourself – Not everyone is going to find you attractive or want to be your friend, and that's ok. You will constantly evolve and meet new people. And that is wonderful!

Credit: Live Bold & Bloom


  1. tetiba rasa diri attractive pulak... bha ha ha...

  2. good sharing SA, betul, semua bermula dengan diri sendiri kan.

  3. I'm lovable because I'm too cute! Hahaha ;)

  4. seriously this kind of article do keep me motivated a bit..even though its just for a while..hahaha..thanks sis..


  5. seriously this kind of article do keep me motivated a bit..even though its just for a while..hahaha..thanks sis..



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